You’ll want to know what we sound like, so have a listen to our sample tracks. If you want to see us in action take a look at the video footage and if you would like to see us in person before you commit to a booking just let us know. 


Click the tabs to hear Clamjamfrie music and watch us live on video.

Listen to our music

On Yer Tod    A Wife in every Port    Ca' the Yowes     Father Ted Set clip     Waltz set clip    Glendaruel Stravaig clip     Carsaig Bay clip    

View videos

A Bang on the Ear

Virginia Reel
Live in the Bull
The Riverside
The Flying Scotsman - Paisley Town Hall

If you want to hear more, our debut cd ‘Clammin’ is available for purchase just follow the links on the front page to download the tunes or purchase the CD.